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EziHedge Solutions -- "Bringing Price-Protection to Everyone who Needs it and Wants it"

EziHedge Solutions Pty. Limited is an exciting new company offering professional, easy to use, affordable, price-protection products to consumers worldwide to help them create buffers against the adverse winds of price change. It also provides them a way to benefit from price changes. In this world of rapid change, it seems that just about everything is available for us to purchase. If we are not purchasing end product, we are at the other end of the chain growing or producing product or delivering product through a sale process to end consumers.

One familiar way we have become accustomed to protecting our person or purchases is through purchasing insurance. We can buy insurance protection for all types of situations, events and incidences of occurrence. Insurance products typically come with a fairly comprehensive list of clauses associated with their performance. For that 'classical' form of protection, we pay what is termed an annual premium. We are rewarded for not claiming by obtaining marginal cost reductions in subsequent renewals. The reverse applies if we do claim –- typically renewals will cost more. With insurance protection what people are purchasing in reality is the right to have an event taken care of by someone else for a fee. If the event occurs they typically have to follow a rigid claims process to 'deliver' the event or situational problem into someone else's hands. They paid for the right to do so. It is not uncommon then for them to have to wait anxiously for a determination at the discretion of the issuer which could take weeks, months or even years to conclude.

Ezihedge Solutions have identified the simple fact that there is also a huge consumer demand for not only ‘situational’ or hazard protection, but for price protection ( protection against price changes ) in general. A price protection agreement – which provides a buffer against price changes – does not have schedules of listed events or excluded events attached to it. We don’t argue an event of price change – in fact we will tell you it happened so that you can act to secure any buffer advantage that has occurred in your favour as a result of the price change as quickly as possible.

Provided your details are accurate at registration, it shouldn't take more than a few days at most to have the funds directed to your loan account anywhere in the world. The only event that has to take place is for a price-level to be breached – either up or down. Remember – there will be no dispute –- and no requirement to prove the price change – there will also be no excess adjustments or increased renewals. In fact we will provide fee discounts on our already extremely low fee so that you can get your next agreement in place straight away and maintain your protection needs.

The various forms of price-protection that some consumers and businesses may currently be utilizing will more than likely be structured in price terms from the same price foundations that our EziHedge "ELITE" system generates.

Now, thanks to EziHedge Solutions, you are able to obtain the best professional market prices for price-protection in any of our listed exchange traded products, be they interest-rates, commodities or equities. Simply choose the protection you require from the top menu. We charge a very small fee for making it all happen and delivering it to you – that’s all..and it gets cheaper the more you use it no matter how many times you claim. We want you to be protected!

All financial specifics in the current site are purely for illustration purposes and must not be used in decision-making processes.  Similarly, generated contracts are samples only and carry no commercial or legal weight.

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