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Most individuals and firms are affected every day, in one way or another, by either changes in interest rates or changes in the prices of the commodities that they either produce, sell or consume.  On the whole people have, until now, had to endure a fairly tedious and onerous time consuming process to secure some form of price management buffer – or protection result.

The EziHedge group delivers robust price protection products in three key asset categories sourced directly from global regulated exchange markets. The sellers of price protection products in these markets have never defaulted in their 160yr history. The Ezihedge group provides the way to obtain the most direct, stress free, lowest cost way for businesses and individuals to optimize either interest rate, commodity or equity price protection. The EziHedge group helps clients purchase the price protection they need. You simply buy it for the period that best suits your price management needs and then treat it as part of your annual operational expenses.

Our EziHedge products enable consumers for the first time to construct their own price buffers that optimize as many of their price risks as is possible - in one place - in the most cost-effective manner.  For more specific information on how to get price protection, click on the product links shown below.

eziinterest-rate protection

Providing interest rate price protection for private or business loan holders.

ezicommodity protection

Providing product price protection in selected commodity markets.

eziequity protection

Providing direct price protection for equity holders. Ideal for self managed super and pension fund optimization.

ezihedge financial services

Providing EziHedge group customers an exclusive range of products and services to assist them with a more personalized price management strategy.

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