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At the ezi Interest Rate Protection Company (EIRP) we offer affordable interest-rate price protection products to all people or businesses who wish to minimize the financial impact of interest rate changes on either their home, investment or business loans. The biggest financial commitment that most of us have to deal with in our lives is that which is typically associated with either purchasing a home, business or any asset we invest in by using a loan facility.

Home ownership is not an easy thing to achieve and usually we need some form of funding assistance to help us reach that goal. The same is true if we are trying to start a business. One thing we know for certain is that we live in a world of constant change. It is the same with price. Many mortgages, overdrafts, lines of credit and loans are vulnerable to changes in interest-rates. These changes occur when economic conditions change. Historically and currently there are very few flexible products available to easily obtain a price benefit to help offset and protect the cost of your financial commitment.

In most aspects of our lives we can purchase some form of asset protection to guard against the unforseen. We pay for insurance to provide us some compensation against loss be it for our car, home-contents, travel, health, and so on. We receive a benefit to help offset from loss. Until now, the only offsetting protection you could not readily find was a secure, stress free, inexpensive solution for what most of us have to face as the biggest risk of all -- an adverse move in interest-rates.

We all know how stressful a rise in interest rates can be -- more money to the loan leaves less money for living expenses, placing additional burden on both our personal and professional lives. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly and easily buy interest-rate price protection as an annual premium to help buffer you against possible changes and not have to worry about it?

We specialize in delivering price-protection for a specific list of products. To see if the product you are interested in is available, or if you want a quote click here or use the button below.

The EziHedge group delivers price-protection products that provide a stress free, inexpensive way for businesses and individuals to optimize either interest-rate, commodity or equity price risk.

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