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At the EziEquity Protection Company (EEPC) we aim to support the many individuals and businesses around the world, who invest in publicly-listed companies. Citizens in many countries around the world are mindful of the need to prepare for when they will eventually leave the workforce and retire. The assets that are collected from investing in publicly listed companies, known as shares, are labeled equity holdings. The prices of these shares are exposed to the vagaries of changes in both the macro and micro economic environments.

When we buy shares in a company we are buying firm specific risk – risk that is particular to the type of company. Each day the media informs us that some shares are up and some are down. They also inform us on the whole whether the market was up or down. Market risk is the total of all the shares in each particular market. Its not easy to construct efficient share portfolios so many people invest in the whole market ( or the index as it is known ). It's far easier to manage market risk and buy protection against adverse moves in the market.

At the EEPC we specialize in offering price protection products based on movements in the whole market. EziEquity price protection delivers index price protection products at professional market prices in many index markets around the world. Such examples are the S&P500, the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones industrial average etc. Our price protection products are founded in regulated exchange traded markets and enable the majority of self-funded retirees, self-managed super funds and pension-plan managers to readily obtain best price protection to better optimize the portfolio risk associated with their particular holdings in the most cost effective and simple manner.

EziEquity price-protection provides a stress free way for businesses and individuals to purchase inexpensive and effective equity price protection. Now you can readily purchase the protection you need and manage it without ever leaving your home. We specialize in delivering price protection products from exchange traded equity indexes for a small fee. If you need to obtain a quote for EziEquity price protection, we suggest you first check our list of available world equity indexes.

To check if we cover price protection for the index of interest to you or to obtain a quote, please click the button below.

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